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There’s nothing quite like a perfectly paired craft beer to accompany one of our delicious menu items. Valentino’s Restaurant is proud and excited to offer a wide range of unique and delicious options for craft beer, cocktails and wines. Whether you prefer one of our own craft beers, brewed in the very heart of Hamilton, a fine wine from the Adriatic coast in Italy, or a delicious cocktail made from our premium spirits, Valentino’s will provide you with a taste of something quite satisfying.

Premium Wine

Most wines in our extensive collection are imported directly from Italy. To ensure we’re providing the best tasting wine Italy has to offer, we hand select and sample each wine before adding it to our list.

See below for our complete wine list and details about the various classifications of Italian wine.

Our wine list includes the finest reds and whites from Italy as well as a few stellar selections from notable wine-making regions like California and Niagara. Our Italian wines come from regions spanning across the entire country from coast to coast. There’s a glass or bottle you’re sure to savour with your meal, be it a family gathering or a romantic night out.

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Italian Wine Classification

Different types of Italian wine come with various classifications based on elements such as geographical location and production processes. The classifications are as follows:

IGT – Indicazione Geograficia Tipica

  • Reserved for wines produced in a specific region in Italy. Winemakers follow specific vinification practices on authorized grape varieties.

DOP – Denominazione d’Origine Protetta

  • Produced exclusively with grapes from a specific area. DOP status can only be acquired by one wine producer in the set geographical area.

DOC – Denominazione d’Origine Controllata

  • These wines use specific grapes from a smaller region within the IGT. Designed to preserve local vinification traditions, winemakers use defined methods for production.

DOCG – Denominazione d’Origine e Garantita

  • Highest classification in Italy. Government tested and sealed to ensure the highest quality of wine.

Craft Beer

Valentino’s Restaurant is one of Hamilton’s original craft breweries offering craft beers brewed at our very own Westdale location since 2012, by brew master Devyn Prince-Reid.

Our House Draught Beer, ‘Val’s Bohemian Ale’, which is always on tap boasts a clean, crisp, hoppy flavour, topped off with just a hint of refreshing grapefruit. This ale tastes great with any one of our classic pizzas, and some of our spicier dishes.

We also carry our small batch seasonal draught beer, ‘Strange Brew’, which changes every few months and is sure to please. The Lemon Stout, German Pilsner, Blueberry Wheat, ‘Boreal’ Brown Ale and ‘Winter’s End’ Extra Pale Ale are some of the craft beers our brew master has perfected over the years.

What’s the Strange Brew Now!

Val's Extra-Ordinary English Bitter

Bitter is a classic style of English Ale. It comes in three varieties; ordinary, special & extra special, with the flavour, coulour and alcohol content increasing with each step. This beer aligns closely with the ordinary style, but is served cold and fizzy, as opposed to the more traditional British style of somewhat warm and flat. Hence: Extra-Ordinary..

We hope you enjoy it!


Our craft beer has been taste tested and enjoyed by many at Hamilton’s ‘I Heart Beer Festival’ Check out our full beer list below and keep an eye out for limited edition drinks and seasonal draught beers on Facebook and Instagram.

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