Authentic Italian Cakes & Pastries in Hamilton

Celebrating Over 40 Years of Exceptional Italian Dining

We first opened our doors in Hamilton’s Westdale area in 1978. Named after the actor Rudolph Valentino, we have brought quality Italian cuisine to the people of Hamilton for over 40 years. When we opened the first Valentino’s location in the late 70s, no one could have predicted the impact it would have. It has never been just an eatery; it is a place for families to meet, lovers to share a romantic meal, and memories to be made.

Taste the Authentic Flavors of Italy at Valentino’s in Hamilton!

Immerse yourself in the rich culinary tradition of Italy at Valentino’s, where we take pride in offering our guests an authentic Italian dining experience. Our skilled chefs use time-honoured recipes handed down through generations and carefully select the finest ingredients to create dishes that burst with the flavours of Italy.

The First Eatery In Hamilton To Offer Panzarottis

Today you can order our city-famous gelato, pizza, and other traditional Italian fare, but it wasn’t always that way. Valentino’s started as a bakery and take-out eatery and has evolved into something more. Within our first year it was a full-fledged restaurant. Not only did we bring home cooked authentic Italian dining to Hamilton, we brought a much bigger gift to the city; The Panzarotti

Enjoy Valentino’s Anywhere

Valentino’s also offers catering, cakes & pastries, take-out, plus our special blend of dressings and sauces are available for purchase.

Because of the popularity and demand, Valentino’s opened a second location on Hamilton Mountain in 1985. With the addition of this second location, no matter where people lived in the city, there was always a Valentino’s close by.

Valentino’s isn’t just an Italian style restaurant; it’s a romantic experience where family is everything.

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